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Goodmans Ford,
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Hill Top,

East Kangaloon,

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Ace Chemdry Carpet cleaning and protection


Are you carpets in need of a little TLC (tender loving care)?       


If so please let us help you.            


Ace Chemdry can clean your carpets with a minimum of fuss enabling you to do other things you may need to do or just relax while we do the hard work.


Cleaning your carpets regularly will prolong the life of your valuable carpets saving you what could be thousands of dollars over their life span.


carpet cleaning


Here at Ace ChemDry we use The Natural specifically designed by the research team at Harris Research (Chemdry US) to thoroughly clean your carpets without damaging the structure of your carpets. As the name suggests The Natural has been designed around Mother Nature giving you carpets a Spa Bath rather than a chemical strip that others may or detergents which may leave dirt attracting residue. The Natural is a carbonated solution and it is these bubbles that do most of the work being gentle with the fibres of the carpet.

With Ace ChemDry, carpets are DRIER CLEANER HEALTHIER.


The Chem-Dry process uses a fraction of the water of steam cleaning, leaving behind less moisture on carpets and no soapy residue that can cause stains to return. This means that carpets are dry quickly allowing customers back on their floors within 1-2 hours.


Our exclusive products including our main cleaner "The Natural" sets us apart from the competition. Customers are delighted with a Chem-Dry clean and stay on as lifelong clients.


Stagnant water breeds bacteria such as mould. Steam cleaning uses high pressure water with a detergent to try and clean carpets. This leaves behind wet underlay and floorboards. Chem-Dry uses a fraction of the water of steam cleaners and our patented carbonating solution bubbles up to the surface of the carpet bringing the dirt with it. Less water and carbonation equals a much healthier carpet and healthier home.

The cleaning POWER of carbonation

The secret to Chem-Dry is our carbonated cleaner called “The Natural”. Carbonation causes millions of tiny bubbles that fizz up like a soft drink. These bubbles attach themselves to the dirt in the carpet and lift it to the surface where it can be removed.

Carpet Protection

Carpet protection is a valuable service we offer to you to further prolong the life of your carpets by coating the fibres in a protective film stopping spills or soilage getting deep into the carpet fibres. There is no change to the feel or look of your carpets just the peace of mind that if something happens there is more chance of the damage being removed in a safe non destructive way. Ask Tony or Cheryl about this at any time.


What do I (the customer) need to do before Ace Chemdry arrive?

I’m glad you asked. Ace Chemdry ask that you lift all smaller pieces of furniture you can and pack any children’s toys away. If you have storage under beds, move them further under so we can get under the edge. For large or heavy furniture please leave then where they live. Please collect any small pieces like hair clips from carpets as they may get caught in the equipment. Anything other than this would happily be discussed by Tony or Cheryl when you call 48611199.


The process of carpet cleaning.

All carpets are assessed with the home owner /resident before work starts, this is a good time to point out any little nasties you know of.

Carpets are thoroughly vacuumed with a powerful vacuum, we appreciate that you may like to give the carpets a vacuum yourself and this is greatly appreciated however we still give then another vacuum with the strong vacuum.

All marks and traffic areas are then sprayed with a pre- treatment  that suits your carpet type.

The whole carpet is now cleaned thoroughly using the patented Natural cleaning solution which releases most marks and soilage.

Any residual marks are then treated with stronger solutions if the customer has agreed.

Carpets where possible (depending on the weave) are then brushed to lift the pile for better drying.


Commercial Carpets.

Ace Chemdry are able to clean all the carpet, upholstery Drapery and Tiles & Grout around your workplace with as little disruption to your busy working days, No time out can mean more earning time for your business.

We offer the 2 types of carpet cleaning for you being the Hot Carbonated Extraction process and a Low Moisture Clean, whichever suits your business the best. This can be decided upon inspection by Ace Chemdry prior to the works commencing.




Independently Owned & Operated by Tony & Cheryl Woods